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 Educating People From All Walks Of Life. ​​


Joseph Renwick Randon, grew up 30 miles west of Houston, Texas and have a strong sense of family and community. I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida. I have special interest in building a foundation that will serve to help mankind exist in an environmentally conscious way.

My experience as a Save The Earth™ model / spoke person has propelled my  life journey.. .

Getting into the social trenches / thread on Saving The Earth.

'The Sound of the Earth, burning from Global Warming, has summoned me, as a Steward of Mankind. I feel that I have to become the Catalyst to Organize, Market and Inform the Populace to become 'that Water to put out that Flame.'

During my journey I have encouraged people to ( Think. Act. Positive. - TAP) - and make a positive stand for the environment. I found myself teaching, learning, and building a brand working in a  dual sense mentally and physically.

Launching into The New Millennium, with a  mission tour

 I was inspired by a depth that has continued, leading me to travel the globe and build momentum year by year. ( ) is the website brand I use to engage the conversation.  

My  special interest in building a foundation that will serve to help people work and live in environmentally conscious ways.

One of my immediate goals is to engage companies to utilize my  services to endorse their brand,  product or services. The Model Story is an innovative and unique approach that is crystallizing and adding value in doing so.

I am currently working with an amazing Canadian writer on a very interesting film project that initially came into conception eight years ago; the content of which includes the portrayal of a black identity with a hybrid on masculinity.

​Dr. M. La Flamme states, " He is A Figure Of Empowerment.



Photo by Tim Lynch

A Basketball Player On A Mission To Save The Earth - 

TAP -The Power of Positive Thinking.

Embarking on innovation within the mobility, marketing and modeling ; I feel charismatic and I believe in charm for the people. My career in basketball has given me the right tools to bring the game directly to you.


This was an exciting year for African American film makers and actors in Hollywood.  Clearly, the larger global audience is being made aware of the different types of stories that are embedded in these narratives.  This means that there is a greater possibility of new narratives being recognized as both interesting and economically viable.

My first dream was to make the NBA, but there was a much bigger challenge .. bringing the game to humanity to play for the environment. 

Thank you for your interest and vote of confidence.

TAP into the MAP™


It's Really A True Love Story Behind it 

all. Traveling from the west coast - 

to the East coast; with a deep desire to succeed in making the world a better Place.

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